IHI to Study The Feasibility Of Production Of Green Ammonia

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IHI has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with ACME, a leading renewable energy company in India, to study and investigate the feasibility of producing and utilizing green ammonia derived from renewable energy, says an article published on their website.

Renewable energy sources

Most ammonia on the market currently is derived from fossil fuels with emitted CO₂ during production, but if the production of green ammonia, that is ammonia derived from renewable energy sources, is realized it will be possible drastically to lower CO₂ emissions across the ammonia supply chain, including uses such as power generation, marine fuels and fertilizer feedstock.

Storage and transport of ammonia

In addition, the technologies for the production, storage and transport of ammonia have already been established and are expected to be rapidly implemented in society.

Decarbonized power generation

In this MoU, IHI will consider participation in green ammonia production projects, led by ACME, based in Oman, India, the USA and Egypt, as well as the use of ammonia for decarbonized power generation for in Asian islands and other regions.

Environmental impact

IHI is also studying ammonia co-firing in thermal power plants in India, and will contribute to the early implementation of fuel ammonia in society and the reduction of global environmental impact by providing high-quality infrastructure, demonstrating various models of ammonia use and promoting the construction of fuel ammonia supply chains to meet future increases in demand.

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Source: IHI


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