IMB Q1 2022 Piracy and Armed Robbery Report


​In Q1 2022, there were 37 incidents reported where 34 vessels were boarded, two attacks were attempted and one vessel was hijacked. It is reported that 23 crews were taken hostage and four crews were threatened, says an article published in Standard Club.

No kidnapping

Though there were no reports of crew kidnapping this quarter, vessels are urged to proceed with caution since violence and threats against crews continue.

Gulf of Guinea

Seven incidents were reported in this region in Q1 2022. This is a reduction from the 16 incidents reported in Q1 2021. Most incidents occurred when vessels were anchored, and perpetrators were armed with weapons. 17 crews were reported to be held hostage by pirates in this region this quarter.

Vessels transiting through these waters are to remain vigilant, lookout using all available means and are encouraged to follow recommendations and guidelines as per BMP WA.

Singapore straits

11 incidents were reported in this region this quarter. This is almost a 50% increase in reported incidents compared to Q1 2021. In all incidents, the vessels were boarded when steaming. Though most occurrences appear to be low-level crimes, crews continue to be at risk. It was reported that two crews were threatened, and one was held hostage. Perpetrators were often armed with guns and/or knives and targeted passing ships in most incidents.

IMB has advised that a strict watch is necessary. Vessels transiting through this region are to remain vigilant and to continue maintaining adequate anti-piracy watches and measures.

Callao Anchorage, Peru

The South America region accounted for 10 incidents in Q1 2022, of which 6 incidents were reported in Callao Anchorage. An upward trend of reported incidents has been observed in Callao anchorage in Q1 over the last few years.

This quarter, four crews were taken hostage. In all reported incidents, vessels were anchored and boarded. Most of the perpetrators were either armed with guns or knives and ship’s stores were stolen.

Vessels are to maintain a vigilant watch and continue with anti-piracy measures when transiting through this region.

Macapa Anchorage, Brazil

Three incidents were reported when vessels were anchored in Macapa Anchorage. Incidents were observed to be increasing in this region. In two occurrences, the perpetrators had boarded the vessel and were reported to be armed with guns. Of the reported incidents, one crew was held hostage and one was threatened.

IMB considers that this area remains risky, and vessels are to stay vigilant when transiting through the same.

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Source: Standard Club


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