IMCA’s Guidelines For Lifting Operations Reviewed


The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) ‘Guidelines for lifting operations’ (IMCA LR 006) has been reviewed and updated to ensure that it properly covers all elements of lifting operations in renewable energy sector contracting activities, says a press release on their website.

Expanding global market

Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained:

“Offshore wind involves an ever-increasing number of our members; and so, our expert work group has thoroughly reviewed IMCA LR 006 and made a number of additions and amendments to ensure it provides an invaluable resource enabling work in the rapidly expanding global market to be undertaken safely and efficiently.”

Hazardous performance

He cited one particular area for concern in lifting incidents – complacency:

“Complacency is caused by the very things that should prevent accidents – factors like experience, training, and knowledge. Complacency makes personnel skip hurriedly through checklists or fail to monitor instruments closely. It can cause personnel to use shortcuts and poor judgement, and to resort to other malpractices that mean the difference between hazardous performance and professional; performance. For this reason, we have added a new section on complacency.”

Special lifting tools

Another major change is the revision of Appendix A4 ‘Lifting of Offshore Wind Turbine Components.

It now provides information and guidance regarding the potential issues which can be encountered when performing repetitive lifts of wind turbine components at height, with sub-sections on safety considerations when lifting nacelles, blades and towers; possible issues when lifting components at height; dynamics and associated special lifting tools; and spooling issues.

Other amendments

Other amendments and additions include:

– Amendments to the personnel section bringing it into alignment with offshore wind terminology

– A minor modification to the lift categorisation flow chart

– New example rigging templates have been included that show the rigging for a monopile and a transition piece

– Inclusion on the use of guide poles as an alternative to tag lines

Long packed programme

“IMCA LR 006 will undoubtedly play a role in the IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar 2022 being held in Amsterdam on 27 October,” added Mark Ford.

“The day-long packed programme focuses on the technical side of offshore lifting and on the challenges created in the offshore wind energy market.”

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Source: IMCA


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