IMES Develops Two-stroke Combustion Sensor


Germany-headquartered IMES has developed a two-stroke combustion sensor for continuous cylinder pressure measurement on two-stroke marine diesel engines.

TCS-01CA is designed to enable nonstop performance evaluation, while reducing NOx and CO2 output.

The sensor was created with a closed face with the aim of making it immune to sooting. This, alongside its thermodynamic characteristics, enables it to make high precision cylinder pressure measurements.

IMES said if installed in a special adaptor between cylinder cover and indicator cock, the build-up of combustion deposition at the sensor membrane can be significantly reduced. The company offers adaptors for MAN and Wärtsilä engines.

IMES’ TCS-01CA sensors have been installed on the cargo ship Hedda Schulte since August 2015 as a test project.

IMES stated that TCS-01CA is optimised when used alongside its combustion monitoring system CCM Marine 2-stroke performance, which processes data from TCS-01CA in real time. The system manages and compares engine performance data and includes a data acquisition unit for up to 12 cylinders, plus visualisation and performance evaluation software.

It compares actual ISO corrected measurement with the reference data at any load point. Performance graphs and reports provide quick statuses for engines and suggest actions to take for optimising performance. IMES stressed that this enables cost savings by reducing fuel and oil consumption, as well as engine repairs caused by inadequately adjusted engines.

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Source: The Motorship


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