IMO MEPC 81 Outcome Key Dates And Milestones Ahead


  • The outcome of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) MEPC 81 meeting has set forth key dates and milestones for the coming months.
  • UMAS, in a recent report, provides insights into the upcoming processes and their potential impact on the maritime industry.
  • From draft reports to expert workshops and deadline submissions, these events mark critical junctures in shaping future policies and regulations concerning greenhouse gas emissions and fuel standards in international shipping.

Key Dates and Milestones

1. End June/July 2024 – Draft reports from the IMO’s comprehensive impact assessment (CIA) process Significant milestone expected from the CIA process, providing insights into the potential impacts of proposed measures.

2. July 2024 – Expert workshop A discussion informed by CIA reports to assess potential modifications to positions based on the findings.

3. Early August 2024 – Deadline for submissions to ISWG-GHG 17 Member states submit written positions, offering further understanding of the landscape before negotiations.

4. End September 2024 – ISWG-GHG 17 debate Meeting to solidify content within the framework of proposed MARPOL amendments.

5. Late February 2025 – Deadline for submissions to ISWG-GHG 18 Another deadline for member state submissions, offering insights into positions before final negotiations.

6. April 2025 – MEPC 83 Scheduled meeting where the IMO aims to agree on final draft MARPOL amendment language operationalizing policies on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel standards.

UMAS Insights

UMAS emphasizes the progressive momentum but also highlights multiple points of potential failure in the process. There is a risk of misinterpretation or a ‘waiting to see’ approach, which may leave stakeholders poorly prepared for rapid changes in international shipping regulations. Given the capital-intensive nature of fleet and infrastructure in the industry, proactive engagement and preparedness are crucial for navigating the transition effectively.

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Source: Safety4sea