IMO Partners With Norway for a New GHG Emission Strategy


  • IMO announced a Norway funded greenhouse gas emission strategy.
  • The Green Voyage 2050 is a strategy to counter emissions by providing technical solutions and global coordination in exchanging knowledge and information.
  • The $1.1 million Norway funded project will spread over 14 regions and more than 50 countries.
  • The initial plan is to put the onus on 8 countries from the participating 50 which will then spur actions from the other countries of that region.
  • With an initial period of funding being 2 years, the project has ideas to develop capacity for developing nations and small island countries.

In a recent development, the International Maritime Organization has announced that they have launched a project to support their strategy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, reports Reuters.

The project entitled GreenVoyage-2050 is a joint project with Norway to help the shipping industry cut emissions by at least 50 percent from 2008 levels by 2050, the UN’s shipping agency said on Monday.

Objectives of the Project

According to a MediTelegraph report, the GreenVoyage-2050 project will initiate and promote global efforts to demonstrate and test technical solutions for reducing such emissions, as well as enhancing knowledge and information sharing to support the IMO GHG reduction strategy.

The scheme aims to bolster government and port efforts to achieve emissions cuts through legal and policy reforms, national action plans, private sector partnerships and new technology projects, the IMO said.

How will it be done?

GreenVoyage-2050 is a collaboration between IMO and the Government of Norway and will run for an initial two-year period. More than 50 countries in 14 sub-regions across the globe are expected to participate, including developed countries and strategic partners from the private sector, who will contribute expertise and experience. The project will also build capacity in developing countries, including small island developing states (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs), to fulfill their commitments to meet climate-change and energy-efficiency goals for international shipping.

Norway’s Role in This

The Norwegian government is providing 10 million NOK ($1.1 million) for the first two years of the GreenVoyage-2050 project, and additional funding subject to government approval for 2020 and subsequent years.

How will the project spread?

More than 50 countries across the world are expected to participate, with eight countries from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific region taking pilot roles.

The IMO said this will then spur more action by supporting other countries in their regions to follow.

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Source: Reuters


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