IMO Signs New Emissions Reduction Partnership


  • IMO has signed three partnership agreements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the preparation of a new global project that targets ship-based emissions.
  • New funds will support projects to tackle biofouling and marine plastic litter and the designing of long-term programme to help cut ship emissions.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has signed a partnership agreement with Saudi Arabia to support the preparation of a new global project that targets ship-based emissions, reports an official release.

Under the agreement, around $400,000 will be used to fund a 12-month preparatory phase of a new long-term IMO CARES (Coordinated Actions to Reduce Emissions from Shipping) initiative.

Facilitating blue economic growth

The project aims to accelerate demonstration of green technologies and their deployment globally in a manner that facilitates blue economic growth in developing regions. The preparatory project will lead to the design of IMO CARES Programme and will be executed by IMO’s Department of Partnerships and Projects (DPP).

IMO is committed to long-term technology cooperation and capacity building programmes focussed on needs of developing countries that will support the IMO Initial GHG strategy, the IMO resolution on technology transfer and capacity building as well as the resolution on cooperation between ports and shipping to reduce GHG emissions,’ said Jose Matheickal, DPP Chief.

Matheickal said that the IMO CARES Project will build on and complement other ongoing work by IMO and connects this work to various R&D and innovation initiatives around the world. This work includes Green Voyage 2050, GHG-SMART Project, the Blue Solutions Project, the FINSMART initiative and the NextGEN initiative.

Control and management of ships’ biofouling

In addition to the emission reduction partnership, the IMO has also signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia for its ongoing GloFouling initiative, a GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Project to drive actions to implement the IMO Guidelines for the control and management of ships’ biofouling.

Some $54,500 in funding will go towards holding an awareness-raising workshop on ships’ biofouling for women in Arab States.

Meanwhile, the IMO-Norway-Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) GloLitter Project to tackle marine plastic litter will receive co-financing of $54,5000 under the third agreement with Saudi Arabia.

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Source: IMO


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