IMO Urged to Create New Arctic Areas Free From Shipping Pollution


As a meeting of the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (IMO, MEPC 81) gets underway, the Clean Arctic Alliance today urged IMO member states to agree to the creation of new areas in the Arctic which will be protected from polluting air emissions from shipping, reports Clean Arctic Alliance.

Energy Efficiency of Ships – Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

The two Emission Control Areas (ECAs) proposed by Canada and Norway, will, if agreed upon by the IMO, provide additional protection from air emissions in Canadian Arctic waters and the Norwegian Sea by reducing emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from international shipping.

The Clean Arctic Alliance’s focus for efforts to reduce the climate impact of international shipping is on short-term measures such as reducing black carbon emissions and implementing a strong carbon intensity indicator to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will see benefits for the Arctic quickly. Although MEPC 82 later this year will start the process of revising the carbon intensity indicator (a short-term measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)), the Clean Arctic Alliance will be using MEPC81 to highlight the changes required.

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Source: Clean Arctic Alliance