IMO’s Efforts Go Further To Enhance Vessel Safety


SOLAS is mostly applicable to ships that are more than a certain size that goes for international voyages. The IMO is now trying to make improvements in the safety of ships even more by expanding to the ‘non-SOLAS’ vessels, says an article published on their website.

SOLAS Ship Safety Treaty

IMO’s most important ship safety treaty – SOLAS – provides for safe merchant shipping, covering a wide variety of topics, from ship construction to fire protection, to life-saving appliances and cargo carriage. 

SOLAS generally applies only to ships above a certain size which make international voyages.

IMO’s effort to enhance safety

IMO’s efforts to improve ship safety go further – extending to so-called “non-SOLAS” vessels. 

These include fishing vessels, domestic ferries, private yachts and small cargo vessels under 500 gross tonnage.

Regional training courses

To help enhance the safety of such vessels in Central and South America, IMO organized a regional training course on non-SOLAS ship inspections, held in San Salvador, El Salvador (28 October – 1 November). 

Participants from the below six countries received training on how to unify national criteria on maritime safety, maritime security and pollution prevention.

  1. Costa Rica, 
  2. Dominican Republic, 
  3. El Salvador, 
  4. Guatemala, 
  5. Honduras and 
  6. Nicaragua.

The course was organized in collaboration with Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA), implemented by IMO’s Regional partner The Central American Commission of Maritime Transport (COCATRAM) and x`hosted by El Salvador.

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Source: IMO


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