Impact Of Earthquake In Turkey And Syria

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The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the Port of Iskenderun remains closed until further notice due to significant damage at the terminal, says an article published on Maersk.

Control of local authorities

Maersk previously communicated that a container fire had broken out at the port, but we are pleased to report that it is now under the control of local authorities.

It is not yet known when a full inspection will take place to understand the extent of the damage and affected containers, but they will keep update as soon as they know more.

Control to minimise

Maersk are continuing to do all in our power and control to minimise the impact on customers and keep supply chains moving as efficiently as possible.

Relief packages

As the situation is changing frequently, Maersk has adapted the terms of its relief packages in line with customer needs. Please see below for updated details, including for export cargo from Iskenderun:

Free Change of Destination (COD)

  • No Change of Destination (COD) service fee for containers on the water destined for the Port of Iskenderun, or containers gated-in full at the first loading port bound for Iskenderun to any other port in Turkey (TRMER, TRIZM, TRKOR, TRAMB).
  • This includes re-stowage, operational and admin fees. COD in this instance will be initiated by Maersk.
  • COD admin fees waived to destinations away from Turkey. Customers will, however, be liable for re-stowage and extra shifting costs, plus the ocean freight difference of the new destination. COD in this instance will be initiated by the customer moving away from Turkey.
  • Acceptance of COD requests are subject to capacity at the new destination and operational feasibility.

Booking amendments/cancellations

  • No cancellation fees on active bookings to and from Iskenderun or Mersin on SPOT.
  • Free of charge POL amendment to any other Turkish port for bookings from Iskenderun.
  • Free of charge vessel postponements on bookings from Mersin.
  • We shall waive penalty fees for shipments under Partnership Contract Product (block space, flexible), exported from Iskenderun or Mersin.

Demurrage and Detention (D&D)

  • Interim stop of the Import Combined D&D* and Export Detention* and Demurrage* clock for containers in Iskenderun from February 6th, 2023 until February 20th, 2023, where the D&D responsibility lies with Maersk.
  • Interim stop of the Export Detention* clock for containers in Mersin from February 6th, 2023 until February 20th, 2023.
  • For containers destined for the Port of Iskenderun, when COD will be performed to any other Turkish port: if the customer has special free time at the new destination, the same will be applied. If the customer has no special free time at new destination, 10 days free time will be applied as tariff.

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Source: Maersk


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