IMSA Merging To Provide Real Maritime Security


Multi-national companies Dryad Global and International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA) are to merge to form a single entity providing real-time maritime security, analysis, and risk intelligence solutions direct to client’s, says an article published in Baird Maritime.

Risk information

All clients will be able to use the ARMS Fleet Manager platform, thanks to Dryad Global and IMSA Global expanding their product line. 

The ARMS technology is the world’s first shipboard-based real-time, geo-specific maritime risk information system, presented via a simple and intuitive tablet-based interface.

Additional base 

The merger with IMSA will also give Dryad Global an additional base on the US east coast to complement its existing offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The name of the combined entity will be Dryad Global. 

IMSA Global CEO Corey Ranslem will be appointed as CEO Dryad Global and Phil Diacon will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer.

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Source: Baird Maritime


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