Inaugural LNG Bunkering At Port Of Savannah For CMA CGM SYMI


JAX LNG and Seaside LNG achieved a significant milestone by conducting the inaugural liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering of the CMA CGM SYMI at the Port of Savannah. This event, involving North America’s largest LNG articulated tug and barge (ATB), the Clean Canaveral, underscored the collaborative efforts and advanced capabilities in LNG maritime fueling.

Historic Bunkering Event

The CMA CGM SYMI, a 15,000-TEU container ship, received approximately 4,600 cubic meters of LNG during simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) at the Garden City Terminal. This bunkering event was notable for being CMA CGM’s first LNG SIMOPS bunkering of such a large vessel in the U.S. Roger Williams, Manager of JAX LNG, highlighted the cooperation with CMA CGM staff across multiple locations to achieve this significant accomplishment.

Technological Advancements and Efficiency

This event also marked Seaside LNG’s first bunkering of a dual-fuel container ship equipped with membrane-type LNG tank technology. The efficient design of Seaside LNG’s 5,500-cubic-meter series LNG ATB facilitated this operation. Tim Casey, CEO of Seaside LNG, praised the resourcefulness of the ATB design and the skilled operations by McAllister LNG Services, which have proven effective for a variety of vessels including container ships, car carriers, cruise ships, and petroleum tankers.

Collaborative Success and Future Implications

The successful bunkering operation demonstrated the viability and safety of LNG as a marine fuel in the U.S., thanks to the support and coordination of various Savannah Port Stakeholders. These included the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Savannah, Georgia Ports Authority, Garden City Fire Rescue, Savannah Fire Department, Savannah Pilots Association, Gateway Terminals, and the International Longshoremen’s Association.

The event underscored the potential for expanded use of LNG in maritime operations, promoting environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

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Source: SEA – LNG