Increasing Number of Countries Rush To Avail Dry Dock Services


  • Oman Dry Dock Company is surging ahead with carrying out repairs.
  • More than 35 countries are benefiting from the dry dock services of the SEZD.
  • The drydock is famous for its proximity to international cargo ship routes.
  • It is focusing on the maintenance of commercial vessels, metal framework tasks, and military vessels.
  • Auxiliary facilities associated with the dry dock’s piers helped in the lining up of vessels.

According to an article published in Oman News Agency, Oman Dry Dock Company is zooming ahead at a rapid pace to consolidate its global position as an international company specialized in ship repair.

Spearing ahead

The company has more than 35 countries benefiting from these services at the dry dock of the Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZD).

The dry dock at Duqm is distinguished for its strategic location, falling outside the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Gulf and in the proximity of international cargo ship routes.
The dry dock here, manned by a highly qualified workforce, is equipped with state-of-the-art debris processing units that are unmatched (not available) in other dry docks. This gives the facility a unique advantage, coupled with the area’s moderate climate suitable for restructuring services.

200 vessels expected to be serviced

Eng. Said bin Hamoud al-Ma’awali, CEO of Oman Dry Dock Company and Oman Shipping Company, said that Oman Dry Dock seeks to receive 200 vessels a year by 2021 after a record rise in demand from 130 ships in 2018 and 156 in 2019.

‫ In a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), al-Ma’awali pointed out that, since the start of its operations in 2011, Oman Dry Dock Company received more than 850 vessels of different calibers, most of them submitted for maintenance, and some for conversion to fit other uses. Hence the company is capable of meeting its target of 200 vessels by 2021, al-Ma’awali said‬.

Focus on maintenance and metal framework tasks

He explained that, so far, the company is focusing on the maintenance of commercial vessels and metal framework tasks for oilfields and gas fields, offshore and on land, as well as maintenance of military vessels and execution of specialized fishing vessels and trawler projects.

Al-Ma’awali pointed out that the company eyes more clients in the Middle East region, particularly the Gulf, as most of the clients now come from Europe. The existing list of regular clients of Oman Dry Dock Company includes customers from more than 35 countries from around the world, said al-Ma’awali.

Auxiliary facilities

He added that auxiliary facilities associated with the dry dock’s piers helped in the lining up of vessels, particularly ships that do not require dry land. So far, 20 such vessels can be repaired in one take, and these include commercial vessels, tourist cruise ships/yachts, container carriers, and oil tankers, al-Ma’awli explained.

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Source: OmanNewsAgency


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