Indian Yard Turning Out 12 Hybrid Coasters

Credit: Tom Fisk/Pexels

The construction of AtoB@C Shipping’s highly energy-efficient plug-in hybrid vessels progresses according to the schedule at the Chowgule Shipyard in India. The production start of the fourth vessel, Aquamar, was celebrated at the shipyard on December 30.

Progressing In Four Parts

Block assembly of the first two vessels, Electramar and Stellamar, is currently progressing in four parts: aft and forward sections are assembled separately and joined together at the slipway, where the forward part of the first vessel was shifted in mid-December. The block fabrication of the third vessel, Ecomar, is in progress and the keel laying is expected to take place in early February. 

Delivery Nearing

Electramar, the first vessel of the series, will be delivered in the third quarter of this year and after that, one vessel will follow every three months. The order consists of twelve vessels with the last delivery expected in the second quarter of 2026. “It is fascinating to see the first vessels taking shape at the shipyard and we are looking forward to the delivery of the first vessel in the autumn,” says Frida Rowland, Director, Corporate Business Development at AtoB@C Shipping.

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Source: Atobatc