Infineum Teams Up with World Fuel Services for Cleaner Seas

Credits: REUTERS/Umit Bektas/File Photo

Infineum and World Fuel Services have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to revolutionize the shipping industry’s sustainability efforts. This partnership will see World Fuel Services take on the role of global distributor for Infineum’s Marine Fuel Additives product line, reinforcing both companies’ dedication to innovative solutions and a greener future for maritime operations. The shipmanagmentinternational news source.

  • Infineum and World Fuel Services unite to distribute pioneering Marine Fuel Additives, enhancing maritime sustainability.
  • Innovative chemistry meets global logistics network to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • A shared commitment to decarbonization drives the collaboration, promising a more eco-conscious shipping industry.


Specialty chemicals leader Infineum has taken a significant step toward advancing sustainability within the shipping industry through a strategic partnership with World Fuel Services. Under the agreement, World Fuel Services will serve as the global distributor for Infineum’s pioneering Marine Fuel Additives product line, reinforcing both companies’ dedication to innovation and eco-friendly solutions.

Innovative Chemistry for a Greener Future

Infineum’s Marine Fuel Additives portfolio is carefully formulated to offer a trifecta of benefits to the maritime sector: enhanced fuel efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and improved onboard operability. This partnership aligns seamlessly with Infineum’s overarching mission to foster a sustainable future by harnessing the power of inventive chemistry.

A Logistics Network Spanning the Globe

As the collaboration takes flight, the alliance will leverage World Fuel Services’ extensive logistics network to ensure the seamless distribution of Infineum’s Marine Fuel Additives. With Singapore as the launchpad, this distribution network is set to expand its reach to ports across the world. The enhanced availability of these additives will empower ship operators to access innovative solutions that not only optimize performance but also contribute to the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

Joint Commitment to a Greener Shipping Industry

World Fuel Services shares Infineum’s commitment to sustainable practices and the pursuit of carbon-neutral shipping operations. Mark Tamsitt, Senior Vice President, Marine at World Fuel Services, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the mutual dedication to environmental stewardship. This collaboration stands as a testament to the two companies’ shared vision of shaping a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for the maritime domain.

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