Inflammable Gas Leak Puts LPG Tanker Under Risk of Explosion



  • LPG tanker Gas Prodigy arrived at the Fuzhou Chemical Terminal loaded with 2,400 tons of liquid propylene.
  • A leak of propylene gas was found in the pump flange of Tank No.1, implicating a high risk of explosion.
  • Technical team is on-board the vessel and repairs are underway.

LPG tanker loaded with propylene is under risk of explosion owing to a leak of the inflammable gas, writes Mikhail Voytenko for Maritime Bulletin.

LPG tanker carrying propylene

LPG tanker Gas Prodigy loaded with 2,400 tons of liquid propylene arrived at Fuzhou Chemical Terminal, Fujian Province, China, on Feb 10, from Philippines.

During offload preparations leak was found in a flange of a pump of Tank No.1, and a leak of propylene gas.

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Risk of explosion

Tanker was taken to a outer anchorage, following which a safety zone was established around the ship.

Propylene is highly inflammable when mixed with air, so there is a high risk of fire and explosion.

Technical team boarded the tanker in the evening February 12 to address the problem. On February 13, the team reported that repairs are still under way.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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