[Infographic] COVID19 Impact on Port Capacity Utilization


The IAPH-WPSP Port Economic Impact Barometer survey outlines the port capacity utilization with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warehousing and distribution activities in ports may see changes due to the fall in demand for consumer products in countries with partial or full lockdown measures. Hoarding behaviour can disrupt the foodstuff supply chains.

Tank storage parks for liquid bulk, and oil products in particular, might see changes in their utilization degree caused by the sharp decline in the oil price and in the use of kerosene, diesel and gasoline.

The survey results show the COVID19 crisis has resulted in 36% of ports reporting an increase in utilisation of warehousing and distribution facilities for foodstuffs and medical supplies, with some ports reporting capacity shortages.

Only 1 out of 10 ports reports a minor under-utilisation. In the case of consumer goods, 28% of the ports witness increased utilization while 12% report an under-utilization of existing facilities.

The picture is somewhat mixed for dry and liquid bulk: while 63% of the respondents see no changes, the remaining ports are fairly evenly distributed between under utilization and increased utilization of warehousing facilities.

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