[Infographic] European Long-term Power Forecast


S&P Global Commodity Insight’s (SPGCI) European Long-Term Power Forecast service enables customers to better understand the changes taking place in the market over the long-term and more aptly assess potential revenue opportunities.

With a growing proportion of renewable generators exposed to merchant price risk, SPGCI’s robust, market-leading forecasts—which now extend through 2050—provide a comprehensive and transparent view of evolving power prices and help you to stay ahead of the competition.


The European Long-Term Power Forecast service delivers fundamental power supply, demand and pricing forecasts through to 2050 across key European markets, including monthly and yearly baseload prices and capture prices for wind/solar plants. The service provides detailed assumptions behind the price forecasts, including:

  • Power demand growth by major categories: EVs, Heating, Electrolyzers, Data centers
  • Demand flexibility assumptions
  • Nuclear, fossil fuel retirements forecasts
  • Additions of new capacity by fuel/technology
  • Generation mix by source through the forecasting horizon


  • Understand the drivers of long-term wind/solar capture prices across Europe, from commodity price inputs to expected build out of renewable assets, as well as sources of flexibility, from battery storage to hydrogen electrolysis
  • Accurately assess the risks associated with wind/ solar capture prices versus baseload power prices
  • Maximize revenue from electricity produced by renewable assets
  • Ensure commercial viability of potential projects to mitigate investment risk
  • Access a detailed overview of market conditions and identify new profitable project opportunities
  • Understand the value of an asset over its life cycle
  • Leverage SPGCI’s integrated outlook across European and global markets, from granular details to high-level expertise

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Source: Platts


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