INFORM To Deploy AI Intermodal TOS At Duisburg Gateway Terminal


INFORM, one of the market leaders in AI and optimization software, is ready to elevate the operational efficiency of the Duisburg Gateway Terminal (DGT) by implementing its cutting-edge AI-driven solutions.


This collaboration aims to optimize intermodal logistics, marking a significant step towards establishing Europe’s inaugural CO2-neutral intermodal terminal at the core of the German port.

In addition, situated on the historic coal island within Duisburg’s port, the terminal is strategically designed and will operate exclusively using crane systems and vehicles powered by sustainable energy sources, departing from traditional terminal equipment to minimize environmental impact.

Daily operations

Furthermore, daily operations will include servicing 20 trains, approximately 400 trucks, and 6 ships. The initial phase of terminal construction is set to commence in the summer of 2024, utilizing INFORM’s Syncrotess Intermodal TOS.

INFORM will introduce its Intermodal Terminal Operating System (TOS) at DGT, employing a modular design that enables extensive automation and operational refinement. Notable features include:

  1.  Barge Handling: Implementing AI to streamline barge operations, enhancing throughput and minimising operational delays.
  2. Crane Optimization: Creating and refining crane jobs to optimise the performance of the terminal’s six intermodal barge cranes, crucial for operational efficiency.
  3. Optimised Train Loading: Utilising advanced algorithms to efficiently plan and execute train loading activities, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and reducing turnaround times.
  4. Stack Optimization: Utilising AI to intelligently optimise container stacking, improving space utilisation and accessibility while minimising re-handling.
  5. Billing Module Integration: Simplifying the billing process with a customised module that accurately records rendered services, streamlining financial operations.
  6.  Booking Platform Interface: Enabling seamless integration with the DXI platform to streamline combined transport bookings and enhance operational coordination.

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Source : Containernews