Injured Worker Recalls Fear As Ship Toppled Over


A worker who was among 35 people injured when a US naval ship tipped over in a dry dock has spoken about the “scary” incident as a law firm looks into potential civil actions, reports Independent.

Worker flung across bridge

Constantin Pogor said he was thrown from one side of the bridge of the Petrel to the other, cracked his ribs on a metal beam and passed out.

The Romanian national is among several of those hurt in the incident currently being represented by law firm Digby Brown.

The 48-year-old suffered a dislocated elbow and fractured pelvis and is still being treated for his injuries.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is investigating after the Petrel became dislodged from its holding at the Imperial Dock in Leith, Edinburgh, in March and tipped over, leaving 35 people injured.

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Source: Independent