Innovative Automation for LNG & Chemical Carriers



Bernhard Schulte and Sirius Shipping have contracted Høglund Marine Automation to install systems on a new LNG bunker vessel and two chemical tankers.

LNG automation:

Høglund will be supplying automation to a new LNG bunkering vessel ordered by Bernhard Schulte and being built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea. This will include the vessel’s power management system and interactions between the ship machinery systems, and the cargo plant.

The complexity of the project is increased by the requirement for additional interfaces between the gas plant and the rest of the ship.

Chemical tanker automation:

Sirius Shipping ordered automation for chemical tankers being built at the AVIC Ding Heng shipyards in China. Høglund said the automation systems will link the power management systems to the cargo system, which should improve the efficiency of offloading operations and lower the number of generators needed.

Automation offers reliability and efficiency:

Høglund chief executive Børge Nogva said new innovations in automation were required for LNG bunkering vessels. He added: “When creating automation solutions for an entirely new vessel sub-segment within LNG, it is hard to predict and foresee what challenges might emerge. This means owners and shipyards cannot just use an off the shelf solution.”

“Automation suppliers can deliver significant benefits in terms of reliability and efficiency, as these projects demonstrate, by playing a consultative role throughout the design and build stages and supporting vessels 24/7 once they begin operation.”

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Source: Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery


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