Innovative CSOV with Dual Stern Configuration Launched by Olympic and Ulstein


Helge Torvik, project manager at Ulstein Verft, expressed satisfaction with the sea trial results. Harald Leif Hansen, Olympic’s site manager, who has been closely monitoring the newbuild project, shared his enthusiasm:

“The vessel’s innovative propulsion system significantly reduces fuel consumption and enhances maneuverability. It maintains nearly the same speed in both forward and reverse directions. We’re impressed by its minimal water displacement and wave generation. Our initial experiences with the vessel have been very positive.”

Launch and Unique Features of the TWIN X-STERN Design

This vessel, the first of two Construction Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) for Olympics, was launched from the dock hall at Ulstein Verft on 6 April. For the first time, the unique characteristics of the TWIN X-STERN design have been observed at scale in a live environment. The vessel’s dual stern configuration, featuring main propellers at each end, offers superior maneuverability and motion, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency. These attributes are crucial for sustainable and efficient operations at wind farms.

Superior Seakeeping and Operational Efficiency

Designed for offshore wind farm operations, the vessel boasts excellent seakeeping capabilities, machinery arranged for low noise levels, and high-quality accommodation facilities. According to Harald Leif Hansen, this vessel will be a significant asset to Olympic’s shipping operations, meeting the high demand from customers for this and similar types of vessels.

Energy-Saving Solutions and Future Operations

The energy-saving features of this vessel and its sister ship, yard number 319 (currently in the outfitting process at Ulstein Verft), are expected to reduce fuel costs in future operations. The vessel’s design and efficient system configuration result from close collaboration between Olympic and Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

Advanced Power and Control Systems

Ulstein Power & Control developed and delivered the vessel’s power system, which combines a large battery system and variable speed generators for optimized power production, along with propulsion converters and power distribution. All controls are based on the ULSTEIN X-CONNECT platform. An advanced mode operation system supports the green operation of the vessel, and it is equipped with a fully integrated shore power connection for emission-free port operations.

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Source: Ulstein


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