Innovative Tool Streamlines AUV Seabed Surveys


Kongsberg Discovery, in collaboration with Cathx Ocean, unveils the SAS Target Assistant, a groundbreaking analysis tool designed to streamline seabed surveys conducted by HUGIN autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). By automating object detection and classification, this innovation promises significant time and cost savings, empowering operators to focus on more critical tasks.

Efficiency Enhancement

SAS Target Assistant revolutionizes the labour-intensive process of manual object identification in Kongsberg HISAS seafloor scans. Its automated detection and measurement capabilities expedite decision-making, freeing resources for higher-value analysis.

Customizable Specifications

Users can define specific object characteristics, such as size and shape, enabling rapid identification of targets that match desired criteria. This customization optimizes workflow efficiency and enhances survey accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Integrated within the Reflection PMA system, SAS Target Assistant requires no additional display or monitor. Its seamless integration exemplifies the synergy between machine learning and sensor intelligence, simplifying workflows while delivering reliable results.

By introducing SAS Target Assistant, Kongsberg Discovery and Cathx Ocean are poised to transform AUV survey methodologies, setting a new standard for efficiency and accuracy in underwater exploration. Visit the Kongsberg Discovery stand at the Oceanology International exhibition in London on 12-14 March for further insights.

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