Inspector; Crew Set Fatal Fire On Scandinavian Star


A chain of fire incidence broke out killing about 160 people in the ferry Scandinavian Star, during a regular run from Oslo to Frederikshavn, on 7th April, 1990.  The cause of fire has not been proven, Police doubted the truck driver and this also could not be correctly proven.

After, 26 years of this happening, Mr. Flemming Thue Jensen, a Danish ship Inspector, has testified the investigation with a clue that the three crew members of the vessel are the agents for the ship destruction.  In a talk to local media, Jensen, instead of citing the individuals, has revealed that through investigation by Police would have resolved the issue long back.


The crew members, skilled, with the knowledge of interiors of the vessel, would have alone resorted to this and it is a conscious, planned action.  Jensen is of the opinion that vessel owner might be also a culprit and directed investigators to chase the money received by the owner.

The Oslo police have opened up the case after 2 years, by taking into allegations brought out , for further stepping in to the case.  The Chief investigator, conveyed that the Jensen’s observation came as a news to Police. Jensen was ready to testify in the court and not interested with interview of police.

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Video Publish Date:  Jan 20, 2016


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