Intercargo Accepts Isle of Man Ship Registry

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The organisation serves as a voice for high-quality dry cargo shipowners and offers a place for communication among dry bulk shipowners, managers, and operators regarding important issues and regulatory hurdles, as reported by AFloat.

Significant step 

Toby Brooks, the deputy director of the IOMSR, stated that the dry bulk industry is vital to the ship registry both in terms of the sizeable tonnage that dry bulk ships bring to the Isle of Man flag and the calibre of those vessels in terms of PSC inspections and reputation as a flag state.

According to him, the welfare of seafarers, safety, and decarbonization are the core sector problems on which the IOMSR and INTERCARGO are strongly aligned.

We are excited about our organisations coming together and sharing their expertise for the benefit of the larger business, he added, adding that joining INTERCARGO is a significant step for us. “Our goal in membership is to support INTERCARGO’s powerful voice on the key problems impacting dry bulk shipowners,”

Welfare app

“Since we were founded as an international register in 1984, the demographic of ship types registered in the Isle of Man has changed significantly, and now, about half the fleet is made up of dry cargo ships,” he continued. Our survey and technical team’s knowledge and proficiency in the design and building of bulk carriers have ultimately increased as a result of this. Also, INTERCARGO membership will aid us in advancing that knowledge.

In another industry-first move, the IOMSR became the first flag state in the world to lower registration fees for ships using green technology in April 2022. The IOMSR was the first flag state to provide a seafarer welfare app to improve mental health.

A green initiative

INTERCARGO collaborates with its members, the authorities, and other organisations to guarantee that shipping is carried out in a way that is both effective and environmentally responsible.

Through the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international organisations, it also actively contributes to the creation of world legislation.

Ship owners who register with IOMSR receive a 15% discount on their yearly registration charge, which is the industry’s leading green initiative. Operators of cargo ships, business yachts, or passenger ships who invest in biofuel, alternative fuels, wind, or shore-side energy technologies are eligible for the reduced price.

Getting to Zero Coalition

In response to the IOMSR becoming the first flag state to join the “Getting to Zero Coalition” in 2020, the decision was made to offer immediate financial incentives for ships using green technologies. The main objective of the coalition is to produce commercially viable, deep-sea zero-emission boats by 2030, in order to meet the IMO’s 2050 target.

IOMSR is committed to the well-being of seafarers and has been a leader in bringing attention to and advocating solutions for the industry’s mental health issues.

IOMSR is aware of the effects being apart from family in the vastness of the sea has on the 11,000 seafarers who work on more than 300 ships flying the Isle of Man flag.

The first seafarer welfare app ever made by a flag state was developed by IOMSR and released in 2021. The free software, called “Crew Matters,” offers organised assistance for sailors.


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Source: AFloat


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