International Seaways Adds Second LNG-Fueled Supertanker to Fleet

Credit: galen-crout-0ZGLna-unsplash

Expansion of LNG-Fueled Fleet

International Seaways, a leading tanker company, has expanded its fleet with the addition of a second LNG-fueled supertanker. The move demonstrates the company’s commitment to utilizing cleaner-burning fuel options.

Charter Agreement with Shell

The newly added supertanker has been chartered by Shell, a major energy company. The charter agreement highlights Shell’s focus on promoting sustainable shipping practices and reducing emissions in the maritime industry.

LNG as a Cleaner Fuel Option

The use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel in the supertanker provides environmental benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower levels of air pollutants compared to traditional fuels. This aligns with the industry’s efforts to transition towards greener alternatives.

Environmental and Economic Advantages

LNG-fueled vessels offer both environmental and economic advantages, including compliance with stricter emission regulations, potential cost savings, and improved operational efficiency. These factors make LNG an attractive option for companies seeking sustainable shipping solutions.

Contributing to the Energy Transition

International Seaways’ decision to expand its LNG-fueled fleet contributes to the global energy transition by reducing the carbon footprint of maritime transportation. It aligns with the industry’s goals of decarbonization and sustainability.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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