International Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel: New Safety Code

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A new SOLAS Chapter XV that is rooted in the newly required International Code of Safety for Ships Carrying Industrial Personnel (IP Code) has been accepted by the IMO. The regulation allows for the transportation and accommodation of industrial people working offshore and goes into effect on July 1st, 2024, as reported by DNV.

New mandatory requirements

In order to ease the safe and effective transfer of specialists supporting offshore installations, defined regulations are now necessary due to the expanding offshore energy sector, which includes renewable energy construction projects.

The new IP Code is based on the Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships (2008 SPS Code), but with modifications and requirements for the training of industrial personnel, the secure transfer of personnel, and the transportation of hazardous materials alongside industrial personnel. On IP ships with more than 60 people on board, the carriage of dangerous chemicals, low-flashpoint products, and acids as cargo will not be permitted.

Industrial personnel vs special personnel

Without limiting the carriage of special personnel, the new IP Code aims to facilitate the transportation of passengers and industrial personnel. Wherever the phrase “number of industrial personnel” is used in the new SOLAS Chapter XV or IP Code, it refers to the total number of industrial personnel, special personnel, and passengers carried on board, with a maximum of 12 passengers.

Application to new and existing ships

The new IP Code will apply to new ships constructed after 1 July 2024 and to existing ships that have not carried industrial personnel prior to 1 July 2024, and which:

  • Are of 500 gross tonnage and above, and
  • Operate on international voyages, and
  • Carry more than a total of 12 industrial personnel, special personnel and passengers combined.

Grandfather provisions will allow existing ships, which are already authorized by the flag administration to carry industrial personnel, to obtain an Industrial Personnel Safety Certificate by complying with parts of the IP Code, i.e. the provisions for training, safe personnel transfer, life-saving appliances and the carriage of dangerous goods. The following deadlines apply:

  • Cargo ships constructed before 1 July 2024 shall comply with the applicable requirements by the first intermediate or renewal survey, whichever occurs first, after 1 July 2024.
  • High-speed cargo craft constructed before 1 July 2024 shall comply with the applicable requirements by the third periodical or first renewal survey, whichever occurs first, after 1 July 2024.


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Source: DNV


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