Internet-Based Technology Now Makes It Possible To Kiss Anyone, Anyplace

Credit: Etienne Girardet/Unsplash

A technological company in China has created a somewhat peculiar method of sending a kiss to a sweetheart who is far away, as reported by Uniland.

Remote kiss

The soft and adjustable silicon “lips” on this phone attachment should be added to your basket right away if you want to smooch your lover but you’re too far apart to touch lips.

Through China’s online buying portal Taobao, the Remote Kiss device is promoted and sold to lovers who are separated by a great distance.

According to the Changzhou Vocational School of Mechatronic Technology, the invention has been patented, according to the official newspaper of China, Global Times.

The Remote Kiss design was inspired by a long-distance romance, according to Jiang Zhongli, the principal creator.

“In my university, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only had contact with each other through the phone. That’s where the inspiration for this device originated,” Zhongli explained.

The device has pressure sensors and actuators that imitate the pressure, movement, and temperature of real human lips to simulate a smooth kiss.

Also, the kissing device can replicate the sound one produces when laying a peck on someone’s lips, which may be terrible news for anyone who has misophonia.

It functions via an app that customers must download to their smartphones before plugging them into the device via the charging connector.

Exchanging kisses

In order to initiate a video conversation and send digital copies of their kiss over cyberspace, partners must couple up in the app.

Users can ‘post’ their kisses on the app for other users to download and enjoy if they feel like being a little more daring and want to exchange spit with strangers without really having to exchange spit.

It’s never been simpler to go naked on your couch with a complete stranger!

Nonetheless, this strange innovation has drawn both fear and fascination from social media users.

One top comment on the Chinese social media app Weibo said: “I don’t understand (the device) but I’m utterly shocked.”

While a Twitter user said: “Remote Kiss device, this seems all sorts of wrong.”

Another social media user made a rather cheeky confession: “My horny ass could not be left alone with a remote kiss.”

Other social media users were very turned off rather than turned on by the contraption. “China has introduced a remote kissing device you attach to the phone,” a Twitter user shared.

“Um, that’s a no for me. I’m into some weird things but I can’t even with the way I kiss. Tonguing and biting some fake ass lips haha. Nope.”

And perhaps saying what a lot of people were thinking, one reaction read: “Ok, let’s be clear about that… it’s not well used for remote kiss…”


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Source: Uniland


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