Introducing Carbon Insetting For Zero Emission Vessels


At the Connecting Europe Days, a consortium of leading maritime organizations unveiled the world’s first Carbon Insetting Program for Zero Emission Shipping. This groundbreaking initiative, introduced by Future Proof Shipping (FPS), Zero Emission Services (ZES), and 123Carbon, operates within the decarbonization framework of the Smart Freight Centre.

Overcoming Decarbonization Challenges

    • The maritime sector faces hurdles such as funding deficits and regulatory ambiguities on the path to decarbonization.
    • Despite technical feasibility, the transition is hindered by significant investments required for vessels and infrastructure.

Strategic Solution: Carbon Insetting

    • Carbon insetting, introduced as a revolutionary tool, encourages collaboration among industry leaders to lower emissions within their supply chains.
    • This strategy enables cargo owners to fund carbon reduction projects directly, strengthening supply chain resilience and reducing CO2 emissions significantly.

Empowering Sustainable Practices

    • Carbon insetting democratizes access to zero-emission options in inland shipping, allowing proactive cargo owners to seamlessly reduce supply chain emissions.
    • The initiative, guided by the RH2INE initiative, aims to validate methodologies for ships powered by swappable batteries and hydrogen, ensuring credible and verifiable outcomes aligned with industry standards.

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