Investigating The Wreck Of Roman Cargo Ship

Credit : roman

Divers with the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece keeps making new discoveries as the ship’s cargo has scattered far and wide and there are findings from other wrecks in the area as well.

Interesting finds during May-June

Archaeologists which are investigating the wreck of a Roman cargo ship at the coast Antikythera, southeast of the Peloponnese, made several interesting finds during May-June underwater excavations that had not been expected to yield much excitement, but to be of a more technical nature.

Rare discovery

According to the Culture Ministry on Friday, the discovery of fragments of statues strengthens the hypothesis that the Antikythera Mechanism was built by the ancient Greeks, while old human bones – a rare discovery – are expected to yield more information about the people travelling on the ship.

Early Byzantine pottery fragments found at the site that suggest that more ships with valuable cargoes went down in the area.

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Source : ekathimerini