Investment in Nextvoyage by AXSMarine

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AXSMarine, a French company that specialises in SaaS shipping software and data, has completed a strategic investment in Nextvoyage, a provider of trip management systems, as reported by Splash247.

Business Collaboration 

Nextvoyage, a real, fully-featured system that Mark Pith founded in 2020, has been in use by a number of businesses in the dry bulk and tanker markets for the past four years.

AXSMarine claimed that its investment in Nextvoyage, which has offices in Singapore and Portugal, is just the beginning of the two businesses’ collaboration. The two businesses will continue to run their respective businesses independently while working together to provide tools and data to optimise numerous repetitive workflows.

Minimized human adjustments

The two businesses will work together specifically to address the inefficiency brought on by a mismatch between corporate objectives, software, and data sources. The alliance will also strive to streamline workflows by minimising human adjustments and actions, “while delivering the appropriate data at the right time, with the right context,” according to AXSMarine.

AXSMarine’s investment in Nextvoyage brings a shared vision and set of values to live with Mark Pith, the founder of Nextvoyage. This decision seemed to be a logical one for our organisations, and we are here to make it a wise one for the sector.

Error-prone processes

No matter how big or little the owners and operators are, the majority are still far from having a best-in-class architecture. Many repetitive, ineffective, and error-prone processes are a widespread industry norm. With the pace of business today, especially, this means lost time that could have been spent on more value-added tasks by the time one has extracted data from various systems and sources, copied it into a spreadsheet or yet another software solution and reconciled it.

As indicated by strong activity in terms of M&A, consolidation, and new entrants, the previous year proved to be a turning point for the maritime technology sector. This trend is most likely to continue in 2023.


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Source: Splash247


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