Invitation to Explore CONNECTIVITY – Generations 2016 a New Publication from ABB Marine and Ports


Invitation to explore CONNECTIVITY


You are invited to explore CONNECTIVITY – Generations 2016 – a new publication from ABB Marine and Ports.

CONNECTIVITY is transforming companies, operations, thinking – and lives. Published as part of the ABB Marine and Ports ‘Generation’ series of titles, CONNECTIVITY features a new, larger format, offering a multi-faceted look into connectivity and how it is changing virtually everything about the way we work, and play.

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In the sky and under the sea, and everywhere in between, connecting things, services and people is keeping the world busy.  And once connections are made, what seemed impossible only a few years ago becomes routine overnight.

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Terms of use

CONNECTIVITY – Generations 2016 from ABB is a free publication, offered as an industry resource to encourage the exchange of information.  Individual articles can be reproduced in part or in their entirety, subject to acknowledgement of their source.  Supporting materials and/or pictures are available on request.

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