IoCurrents Joins KVH Watch Solution Partner Program


KVH Industries and ioCurrents join for real-time remote vessel analytics, says an article published in Riviera Maritime Media.

The partnership

IoCurrents, a leader in real-time remote vessel analytics, has joined KVH Watch Solution Partner program and will offer KVH Watch connectivity as part of its maritime services.

Innovative inventions

IoCurrents created the MarineInsight platform, which uses machine-learning algorithms to support maritime maintenance and fuel optimisation and has thus far relied on vessels’ existing communications systems for data transfer.

Real-time applications

What is KVH WATCH?

KVH Watch is an IoT connectivity service providing machine-to-cloud satellite connectivity for remotely monitoring onboard equipment and performing on-demand remote expert interventions using video, voice or text via KVH’s global HTS network.

Real-time Data use

This service will allow ioCurrents to use real-time data to provide customers with actionable insight and engage in real-time video troubleshooting sessions during the course of a sea voyage.

Real-time IOT Data transfer

This prevents continuous real-time IoT data transfer and the ability to take action at sea. KVH said its KVH Watch program offers high-speed connectivity and enables shoreside monitoring of the assets on board a ship with video interventions available to fix problems in real time. Further, this reduces maintenance costs and delays in port.

Better and Unprecedent Service

ioCurrents head of partnerships Jon Best said “The ioCurrents MarineInsight platform notifies key stakeholders, on board and shoreside, when and where to focus with real-time, remote vessel analytics.”

“Together, ioCurrents and KVH will enable people to have better troubleshooting conversations by offering an unprecedented, comprehensive ship-to-shore experience, providing key insights with unmatched speed and reliability.”

Pandemic period growth

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote surveillance and maintenance systems, however an IoT company is often not in control of connectivity from the vessel and may rely on slow, intermittent communications or cellular communications at port.

Senior Director’s message

KVH senior director of IoT business development Sven Brooks said “The ioCurrents approach is a great example of a company using data and analysis to prevent component failures, increase fuel efficiency, minimise downtime, and improve overall vessel and fleet performance. We are extremely pleased they have chosen our KVH Watch service as their connectivity solution and we look forward to being their partner as maritime IoT continues to grow throughout the industry.”

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Source : Riviera Maritime Media


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