iPhone 14 Major Upgrades Including Long Battery Life


  • The new iPhone 14 Pro is set to have major upgrades in battery life.
  • Instagram is planning to dial back on their shopping features.
  • Android 13 to launch a feature helping separate your work and leisure data on your phone.
  • Microsoft to disallow partners to pay with checks starting December 1st.

The past week was filled with awes and surprises for tech geeks and general users alike, with celebratory launch of new devices coupled with changing feature set of social media platforms and what not in the coffer.

Let’s look at some of the tech news that made our hearts skip a beat.

The wait is over: New Gen iPhone hits the market!

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are set to be released on September 16th and it is anticipated that the battery life will be greatly improved from the iPhone 13, likely due to the new 5G chip. Moreover, new features like a 48MP camera lens upgrade, satellite connectivity, and an ultra-wide camera option come packed in the device. It will be a bonanza for business travelers especially with the extended battery life. 

A roll back of shopping features

Meta-owned social media company Instagram is set to pull back on shopping tabs in order to shift their focus on e-commerce companies. The users will initially be  shifted to a “Tab Lite” page — which is less a personalized shopping page and gradually it will be replaced altogether. It will certainly have a toll on the people using Instagram to sell products and services. Though the options of building an audience, providing useful content, or advertising are still on the charts.

A much needed segregation 

Android 13 has a new redesigned feature under “work profiles” to keep consumers’ personal data separate from their work-related data. The update will feature two separate profiles and allow users to open an app and designate which profile they want it to be under. Android will also add smart diction that can dictate work specific jargon and keep it separate from personal spaces. This could be a useful thing for people that carry multiple smartphones for work and personal use. However, it is ambiguous whether  security be enhanced to match pace. 

Cheques and Balances 

Microsoft has released a statement to North American partners that – as of December 1st – they will not be able to pay with checks but – instead – be required to pay through wire transfers or a bank-to-bank money transfer such as ACH. In the absence of an official reasoning regarding the change, speculations are it will help improve efficiency.

The slow death of check-writing continues and for many mall firms it’s not worth it.

An ode to the customers

Rubio’s Restaurant – a fast-casual chain restaurant on the West Coast – has spearheaded a loyalty reward program in over 150 of their restaurants. The program allows customers to choose where their points go toward instead of a pre-fixed program. This is in part to combat the rising food and service prices. Reward points have proved to be an attractive tool to keep the customer base intact. 

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Source: Forbes


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