Iran Claims Progress in the Nuclear Talks



Iran’s Foreign Minister has claimed its progress in the nuclear talks with the United States.  This statement was released through a specially made Youtube video.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said there is still a lot of work to be done though there has been ”some progress”.

Mr. Javed Sharif, Iran Foreign Minister called for an end to “coercion and pressure”.

Iran is hoping for cooperation in other areas such as tackling terrorism.  “The menace we’re facing, and I say we, because no-one is spared, is embodied by the hooded men who are ravaging the cradle of civilisation.  To deal with this new challenge, new approaches are badly needed,” said Mr. Javed Sharif.

The P5+1 group which includes US, Russia, France, China, UK and Germany has called for a rollback of Iran’s nuclear programme but Iran has always insisted that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.

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