EU Nuclear Deal With Iran Is ‘In Danger’!


The EU’s lead negotiator in the nuclear deal talks with Iran, but the process is in danger because of a recent divergence in the positions held by Washington and Tehran, says a press release on Argus Media website.

Indirect negotiations

“We were converging to a closer position,” said foreign affairs representative Borrell, who has been chairing indirect negotiations between Iran and the US.

But then the last interaction is not converging, [it] is diverging… If the process doesn’t converge, the whole process is in danger.”

Less confident

“I’m sorry to say that I am less confident today… about the convergence of the negotiation process and about the prospect of closing the deal right now,” Borrell said .

Commercial sanctions

He said both parties had initially issued a series of “reasonable responses” to the draft deal he submitted in late July.

At the time he said the text could not be improved upon.

Iranian crude exports

Negotiations gained traction in August, raising hopes that the US could remove the commercial sanctions that have depressed Iranian crude exports since 2018.

No headway has since been made on reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement.

Future unilateral withdrawals

Several obstacles have now been cleared including, critically, that Iran no longer demands the US delist its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a “foreign terrorist organisation.”

But Tehran still requires guarantees over the longevity of any new JCPOA deal and safeguards against future unilateral withdrawals.

The US is focused on restoring limits to Tehran’s nuclear programme.

JCPOA agreement

Argus estimates Iranian crude production was 2.56mn b/d in July, compared with 3.81mn b/d in the first six months of 2018, before the US withdrew from the JCPOA agreement an reimposed sanctions.

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Source: Argus Media


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