Iran To Give Response on Nuclear Deal Text, Wants Compensation If US Pulls Out


  • Official familiar with talks says Iranian position needs study
  • Brussels consulting with US week after offering ‘final’ draft

As attempts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal heat up, Tehran is seeking guarantees that it will be compensated if a future US president pulls out of the pact, a regional diplomat told CNN.

Final text of revived deal

Last week European Union officials sent the US and Iran what it called the “final text” of a revived deal to limit Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

On Monday night, Iran responded to the proposal in writing, meeting a deadline set by the bloc. While Iran’s written response has not been made public, the country’s chief adviser to negotiations tweeted that an agreement was closer than ever, but not yet done.

But the regional diplomat, who has been briefed on the matter, said Iran has reservations about the possibility of a future president pulling out of the deal and unleashing new sanctions on the country — in what would be a repeat of the May 2018 decision by former US President Donald Trump to leave the agreement and impose crushing financial penalties on Tehran.

It seems there has been progress in bringing views closer, especially in the issue of indirect sanctions on Iranian companies working abroad,” the diplomat said.

The main issue facing the revival of the deal is the guarantees requested from the Iranian side ensuring Iran will be compensated in case future US administrations decide to withdraw again from the deal and while no real solution has been put forth,” he added.

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Source: CNN


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