Is Davos Worth the Bill in 2023?

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In the week before Davos plays its usual wintry part as host of the World Economic Forum’s annual jamboree, the biggest question isn’t what might be discussed among business and political leaders, but whether there’ll be enough snow for skiing, reports the National News.

What to watch at the World Economic Forum

The annual event returns to its mid-January timeslot for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The theme this year: Cooperation in a Fragmented World. The five-day confab, which begins on Monday, will attract the world’s elite from politicians to pop-stars.

Some big names on the snowy grounds will range from Davos veterans JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon (fresh off fourth quarter earnings being released and a new interest rate warning) to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon to musician-turned-tech-investor Will.i.Am.

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Salesforce Co-Founder and CEO Marc Benioff will also be in attendance after making a tough decision to cut 10% of his workforce this month. Unlike the spring/summer Davos in 2022, Benioff will be absent a co-CEO — his one-time battery mate Bret Taylor recently stepped aside to pursue his next endeavor.

The meetings of the top minds in business will come as investors are still feeling the sting of the 2022 bear market in stocks and with recession fears swirling due to rising interest rates. The Russia/Ukraine war also remains omnipresent.

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Source: The National News


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