Is Manchester Really Best Place To Visit?


Clearly the publishers of the Lonely Planet list that included Manchester among the 30 best places to go in the world in 2023 (Lonely Planet selects Manchester as top travel destination for 2023, 16 November) were not aware of the old adage: what’s the best thing to come out of Manchester? The road to Liverpool.
Joy Clancy
New Brighton, Wirral

With our blankets over our knees, my wife and I have been rewatching the 1996 BBC drama Our Friends in the North. It depicts a Britain with a broken social housing sector, corrupt politicians, industrial unrest and the threat of power cuts. We breathed a sigh of relief that times have changed.
John Lovelock

Re Simon Jenkins’ article on killing off HS2 (14 November), it is the railway that no one wants. By the time it is operational, passenger numbers will be minimal and tickets will be astronomical. HS2 will be one of the biggest white elephants in the UK’s catalogue of white elephants.
Geoff Smith

Michael Dawson’s succinct summary of supply-and-demand economics with regard to nurses’ pay ignores the overriding principle of Tory economic theory: “Heads they win, tails you lose” (Letters, 15 November).
John Osborn
Ilkeston, Derbyshire

A lively statue of a healthy, young John Keats sits at the end of East Street in Chichester, near where he wrote The Eve of St Agnes (A Statue of One’s Own: the new Virginia Woolf sculpture that’s challenging stereotypes, 16 November). People sit and exchange lines they learned at school with him.
Chris Hardy
West Wittering, West Sussex

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Source: theguardian


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