ISO 8217:2017 – Viswa Lab Comments on Distillate Fuel Testing



Viswa Lab offered its preliminary comments on new fuel testing standard ISO 8217:2017 last week. Further to those comments, here are more comments on distillate fuel testing and points to consider to enhance charter party agreements.

Viswa Lab referred to its technical update 2017/3/5 with comments on the distillate fuel which clarifies as follows:

  1. Though the new standard has included a welcome requirement for the supplier to state theCloud Point (CP) and Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), it has not given any limits or guidelines to arrive at a certain number. This will only lead to more disputes and problems.
  2. Another point to note is that you have the option to stay with ISO 8217:2005 (which proidesmuch better protection) but require that the supplier to provide the CP and CFPP information along with the requirement to  meet ISO 8217:2005. This will help you go with one standard in your Charter Party or Bunker Purchase agreement which could be the 2005 standard.

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Source: Viswa Lab


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