It Appears That Everyone Is Sailing To Antarctica

Credit: Torsten Dederichs/Unsplash

“When I tell people that going to Antarctica will be their once-in-a-lifetime experience, they often scoff. Then they return and tell you that you were entirely correct. Not only was Antarctica the eighth continent, but was also the most incredible experience I’ve ever had,” as reported by CNTraveller.

Marvels of White Continent

During more than 15 research missions over the past 30 years, University of Alabama at Birmingham professor of arctic and marine biology James B. McClintock has had the opportunity to regularly marvel at the wonders of the White Continent. Yet, McClintock finds it difficult to adequately describe the beauty of Antarctica, even after three-month stays on the stunning tundra at bases like the McMurdo and Palmer stations. It’s the landscape’s incredible size. The huddles of penguins, which have no intrinsic fear of people, seem ethereal and otherworldly, but none of that can adequately convey how unique Antarctica is.

The Mainstream

Far from being the only one, McClintock senses its draw. Despite the allure of being out of reach for most of the globe, Antarctica has recently gained popularity. Glossy spreads of the menacing blue-and-white landscape can be seen in travel publications like ours. Wide-eyed people swimming ashore in borrowed boots and footage of them getting their first glimpse of “The Ice” are all over Instagram. The top content producers on YouTube are sharing their dispatches (a video from the tireless Mr Beast of his landing, shared last month, has nearly 100 million views). It appears that everyone is travelling to Antarctica.

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Source: CNTraveller