Italian Cargo Ship Breached After Collision with Freighter



A freighter collided with a general cargo vessel which was berthed at a port.  During the collision, the cargo vessel suffered significant damages.

What happened?

The Turkish freighter Erdogan Senkaya collided with berthed Italian general cargo vessel Luca S at Porto Nogaro, Italy.

The Turkish vessel was manoeuvring in the port when her bulbous bow stuck into the forecastle starboard area of Luca S, which was docked in the port and preparing to offload a cargo of silicon.

Cargo vessel breached:

The Italian general cargo ship suffered breaches and water ingress, following which it developed starboard list and fore tilt.  The crew ballasted the vessel and started pumping out the water from the forepeak, thereby improving the condition of the ship.

The Turkish freighter Erdogan Senkaya suffered only bulbous bow damage without reported water ingress.

The both ships were docked for further repairs and inspection.

There were no reported leaks and water pollution.  Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

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Source: Diario di Udine


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