ITCO TG05 Safe Entry Into A Tank Container

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RID-ADR 2023 edition includes amendments concerning tank containers. There are also amendments to RID-ADR 1.8.7 that primarily concern Authorized Inspection Bodies (AIB) and might affect the test administrative procedures. RID-ADR 1.8.7 amendments are not included in this Technical Guidance document.

Intermediate Inspection 

The amendment requires that if an intermediate inspection and test is performed later than the test expiry date recorded on the last test certificate, the test should be replaced by a 5-yr inspection and test. Previously, the regulations allowed an Intermediate Inspection and Test up to 3-months before or after the test expiry date recorded on the last test certificate before it was replaced by a 5-yr Inspection and Test. The amendment concerns RID-ADR 6.8 tank containers. However, if the tank is dual approved to RID-ADR 6.8 and UN Portable tank 6.7, practically, the inspection and test date requirements for the dual approval tank follow the tolerance allowed by RID-ADR 6.8.

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