It’s Been ‘Raining Money’ on Fools for Too Long, Says Musk


In what many critics deemed a spectacular self-own, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a Tweet that he welcomed a global recession so money would stop “raining” down on “fools,” reports Guardian.

Raining money on fools

Musk posted the comment Thursday in response to a question concerning his attitude about a possible coming recession. As for raining money, critics were happy to point out that Musk has been the recipient of millions of dollars in tax breaks ($64 million from Texas alone), and a very hefty government loan, among other support.

Tesla scooped up a $465 million loan in 2009 as part of a federal stimulus package, which financed the development and manufacture of Tesla’s groundbreaking Model S.

Rude awakening inbound!

In 2015, the Los Angles Times estimated that Musk’s companies had already benefited from some $5 billion in government support.

In an added dig, the self-awareness-challenged Musk accused people who have been stuck working remotely because of the pandemic of now being under the delusion that they “don’t actually need to word hard.” He chuckled: “Rude awakening inbound!

Musk figured in his tweet that a good recession would last up to 18 months so “negative cash flow” resource-gobbling enterprises can “die” — apparently forgetting that it took Tesla nine years to post its first annual profit.

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Source: The Guardian


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