Japanese Consortium Completes Land-based NH3-fuelled Engine Tests

Credits: engin akyurt/Unsplash

A Japanese consortium including Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), NYK Line, IHI Power Systems and Nihon Shipyard has successfully completed a land-based test for the stable combustion of ammonia as a fuel, using an 80:20 ammonia:natural gas co-firing ratio, reports Marine Insight.

Four-stroke ammonia-fuelled engine

The first installation of a four-stroke ammonia-fuelled engine as a main mover is expected to be completed in June 2024 on board the A-Tug, which will be completed in June 2024, after further land-based testing of the engine to maximise greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions through further improvement of the co-firing rate.

The project partners announced that they are also seeking to develop a 250 mm bore engine for the auxiliary engine of a deep-sea vessel. That auxiliary engine will be installed on an ammonia-fuelled ammonia gas carrier (AFAGC, scheduled for delivery in October 2026) under joint development by NYK, Nihon Shipyard, Japan Engine, IHI Power Systems, and ClassNK.

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Source: Marine Insight 


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