Japanese Govt to Regulate Large-ship Scrappers


The Japanese government is mulling to formulate a new law to regulate large-ship scrappers, in order to enter into an international treaty on the safe recycling of ships.

Regulate business laws:

The government finds it unnecessary to regulate the businesses as it now aims to join early the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, adopted at an International Maritime Organization conference in 2009 and is expected to come into force as early as 2020.

However, the international pact has been designed to oblige scrappers of large ships to take measures needed to make their work environment safe, in view of a series of accidents in developing countries stemming from poor working conditions.

Dismantle large vessels:

According to the sources, the new law plans to dismantle 500-ton-or-larger vessels. The government will issue five-year licenses to dismantlers after checking whether they have implemented measures against accidents and pollution.

The government aims to introduce related legislation during an ordinary session of the Diet starting early next year. Currently, the government has no rules to regulate the scrappers.

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Source: The Japan News


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