Japanese Shipyards Witness 40% More Orders


Japanese shipbuilders have seen a 40% increase in the new build orders, when compared to last year.

Japanese Yards

The number of vessels ordered in the Japanese yard accounted to a total of 389 vessels of 20.1mgt in the FY 2015.  Whereas, the FY 2014 had seen an order of 272 ships of 12.8mgt.

The figures from Japan Ship Exporters’ Association indicate:

  • The number of bulkers ordered in the FY 2015 accounted to 232 ships of 9.1mgt, which was 208 ships of 8.1mgt, a year ago.
  • The orders for tankers in the FY 2015 totalled 108 ships of 6.7mgt, which was 44 ships of 2.9mgt in FY 2014.

Source: Japan Ship Exporters’ Association


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