Jinling Shipyard Delivers Innovative LNG Car Carrier Fleet


  • The Jinling Shipyard delivered the first of four dual-fuel LNG car carriers, the “CGM Indianapolis,” to Eastern Pacific Shipping for charter to CMA CGM.
  • Three more vessels are due in 2023, part of a larger order of 16 ships to be delivered by 2026. These 200-meter-long carriers, weighing 18,600 dwt, feature high-pressure dual-fuel systems, 12 cargo decks, and energy-efficient elements like LNG storage tanks, photovoltaic systems, and lithium batteries.

LNG Innovation

Jinling Shipyard delivered the “CGM INDIANAPOLIS,” the first of four LNG car carriers for CMA CGM, now chartered by Eastern Pacific Shipping.

Three more ships will follow in 2023, part of a larger order of 16 vessels due by 2026. The shipyard’s on-time delivery, even ahead of schedule by 1-2 days, underscores their efficiency.

Efficiency Advancements

The 200-meter-long vessels, weighing 18,600 dwt, reach speeds of 19 knots with 12 versatile cargo decks for efficient operations.

Eastern Pacific’s fleet sees a capacity boost with these 7,000-unit behemoths, equipped with dual-fuel systems and two 2000 cubic meter LNG tanks. Energy efficiency reigns supreme via shaft generators, photovoltaic systems, and a 751 kWh ESS lithium battery by Corvus.

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Source: FleetMon