JK Rowling Acquires A Luxury Yacht



The Harry Potter Author has paid a whopping sum of £22million to Hollywood star Johnny Depp for buying his luxury yacht.

Depp named it Vajoliroja after Depp’s former partner Vanessa Paradis and their children Lily-Rose and Jack.  He then renamed it Amphitrite after the Greek sea goddess as a gift to his wife Amber Heard, 29.

The British novelist spent a holiday with her husband Neil Murray and their two children David, 12, and Mackenzie, ten on the luxury yacht, after which she fell in love with the yacht.

She will use it for holidays with her family, including daughter Jessica, 22, from her first marriage and it can also be chartered for £72,000 a week.  The firm chartering it says the boat hails from the “Golden Age of yachting with all the latest amenities”.  

Source: The Sun