Just Two Months Left! Is Your Ship MRV Ready?


MRV compliance: Two months left to go for ships to submit their plans

Shipowners have until the end of August to submit their plans for monitoring and reporting gas emissions for ships using European ports. They have two months to write their plans for the EU’s monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 and submit them to approved verifiers.

Gas emissions to be monitored:

Monitoring of gas emissions is expected to begin in January 2018, but the plans need to be in place four months before then. There are various methods for measuring gas emissions, including bunker delivery notes and noon report data, but all involve onboard and onshore software.

Comply with EU rules:

The regulations cover the submission of emissions reports for ships above 5,000gt, arriving at, departing from, or sailing within ports under the jurisdiction of an EU member state, regardless of the ship’s flag.

A monitoring plan should stipulate the ship’s operation data collection method and management procedure. The ship operator should prepare and submit the plan to a verifier for each of their ships by 31 August 2017.

Assistance provided to owners:

Class societies have launched their support and verification services to assist owners in creating the monitoring plans. ClassNK Consulting Service unveiled its support with a standard form, guidance and necessary advice to set up a monitoring plan.

Cloud-based compliance module for management:

ABS Nautical Systems unveiled a cloud-based compliance module to its fleet management program. It said NS Voyage Manager simplifies compliance reporting and integrates data collected from noon reports.

It also links with ABS’s AutoLogger in the NS software automating the compliance reporting process. This captures data directly from sensors and ship systems to improve the accuracy of logged data. NS Voyage Manager also uses bunker delivery notes for MRV compliance.

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications


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